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Help us raise funds to maintain the high performance standards of the oldest amateur club in Wales.

Our goal, our mission and our passion

We are raising money to directly aid the financial position of our club: allowing us to continue to our high-performance standards with access to the best training facilities, updated equipment and much more!

Who am i?

My name is Tom, I am the current Captain of Swansea University Rugby League. In my team of organizers are Vice-Captain, Charlie Richards and club Treasurer, Matt Rowe.

Why support?

Swansea University Rugby League is the oldest amateur Rugby League club in Wales. Founded in 1977, the 'War Pigs' started off as something small in a sport that was still very new to the country. Over the years we began to grow in popularity, with more and more English divisions wanting to play against us.

As the sport of League developed in Wales, so did the 'War Pigs': later becoming a competitive team within the BUCs Premiership division, and winning the Western 1A League in recent seasons. We credit our last 40 years of success to something away from the pitch: our community. We aren't the biggest club in Swansea Uni, but we are as close as a cockle - something which shows in our 'Old Boys' reunion: where past players are invited to play against the present and rejoice in the success of our club.

We are so proud of how much the War Pigs have done for Welsh Rugby League, but we only want more for the boys who we pass the mantle onto for the coming years.

In order for our club to continue to the high performance standards it does, we really need your help. We are raising money directly for our club to aid our financial situation, which, if not resolved soon, will prevent us from accessing the best apparatus and facilities for the development of our passionate boys.

We at Swansea Uni RL for extremely grateful for your help - the smallest donation is the largest kindness.


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Follow us or contact us directly with any questions regarding our campaign @swanseaunirl on Twitter and Instagram, or find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SwanseaUniRL

Be sure to get involved and find out how we're doing throughout this journey!