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Help us break our financial barriers following COVID-19

Jumping back in

We are hoping to raise money for Swansea University Netball club. After a very strange year, we have not been able to carry out as many of our usual activities and are now struggled financially. Therefore, we are hoping to raise some money in order to help support the club, as we head towards the next academic year where we will hopefully be returning to more normality. 

Our club

Our club means so much to us, not only us as the committee, but to all of the girls who are part of it. It offers students a chance to focus their time outside of their degrees and greatly benefit  many of the girl's mental well-being. Furthermore, it is a place to meet new people and socialise in a relaxed and welcoming environment. 

Where will the money be used?

One of our biggest goals for the next year is to create a fund to help disadvantaged or struggling students who may not be able to afford to join the club otherwise. This fund will be available to help pay for club fees and kit for those who need it most. We are keen to ensure that anyone who wants to play sport is able to and financial barriers should not stand in the way.

You can check us out here:

Instagram- @swansuninetball

Facebook- @SwanseaUniversityNetballClub  

Twitter- @SwansUniNetball

We understand it has been a difficult year financially for many people so if you are unable to support us financially and want to help us reach our goal, please do share this project where possible (eg. on facebook, twitter, instagram, email etc. )

Many thanks in advance!

Love from Swansea University Netball Club