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This project received pledges on Mon 20 Jul 2020

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Just love to say thank you and all your Egyptologist colleagues all over the country for your online lectures. I have loved every minute of each and every lecture. Hope you all are keeping safe. Will be down to the Egyptian Centre as soon as it’s safe to do so. Gill

Keep up the good work and I absolutely love the on line courses although being a member of Mehen I indirectly sponsored but I felt I needed to do more best wishes and good luck Yvonne Buskens

Hello! This sponsorship is a payment to enroll in the ancient Egyptian religion online course starting tomorrow july 12. Thank you and looking forward!

Payment for course, Egyptian Religion with Ken Griffin.

Egyptian Religion! Look forward to learning more! Thank you!

Payment for Egyptian Religion course - looking forward to it!

I’m very excited about attending the course

Egyptian Religion course donation

This is to attend the short course on ancient egyptian religion that follows the course on funerary artefacts.

Signing up for Ancient Religion course

For the egyptian Religion course

My £40 is in respect of Ken Griffith`s talks on Egyptian Religion beginning in July hoping that I can be included on the 10 - 12.00 time slots on Wednesdays. Have really appreciated all the lectures I have attended to date - more, please!

For Ken Griffin’s Religion course

£40 for the course

RE: Ancient Egyptian Religion

Dear Ken, thank you for a very interesting and well organised course on Funerary Artefacts of Ancient Egypt. This is my payment for a course on Egyptian religion. Thank you very much in advance! Best regards, Asta Juneviciene

Looking forward to another interesting course.

Looking forward to course on religion. Learn and support the centre

Well done, Ken. I still have many happy memories of several friends like yourself at the Egypt Centre in spite of being unable to keep in contact for a while now. Sadly it is also highly unlikely that I shall ever be able to return to Swansea again.

It is certainly worth the donation as the lectures have been fantastic , enjoyable and educational

Thank you for the fabulous lectures !

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do!

The Friends of the Petrie Museum are pleased to help the Egypt Centre to read its fundraising target. The University at Swansea is privileged to be the custodians of such an important collection. We are particularly grateful to Ken Griffin for telling the Friends the story of the Egypt Centre as part of our museum lockdown lecture series. To find out more, look at our website

Thanks for the lecture series! So many memories of learning and laughing at the centre, hopefully will come and visit when things are back to normal!

Wonderful lecture series

With a big thank-you to Ken Griffin for organising these lectures during lock-down and hoping they will continue after this crisis is past, from a very old OAP. Derek Yeo.

Keep the good work, all the best from Costa Rica.

Interested in the Funerary Artefacts of Ancient Egypt short Course. Sunday night.

If I could please be put down for the Wednesday morning slots, I'd very much appreciate it. Although this may well have to change if I obtain Summer employment.

Roslyn Melmeth: I would like the Wednesday morning time slot please. I am in Australia and this would be much easier for me. Thank you

For the Short Course on Funerary Artefacts of the Ancient Egyptians

Asta Juneviciene: For the course Funerary Artefacts of Ancient Egypt. I'd prefer Sunday evenings. Thanks!

Funerary artefacts of ancient Egypt

RE: Funerary Artefacts of Ancient Egypt

Funerary Artefact Course. Thank you!

this is for Gallina Mackenzie. She would like to join the Wed. morning sessions of the lectures please

Hello! This is to register for Ken's Funerary Artefacts of Ancient Egypt course

Have enjoyed the on-line lectures that Ken and his team have been organising and wanted to support the centre. Wanted to support them so that they can carry on the work they do when they are able to open again.

Looking forward to your online course

Please register me for the Wednesday course starting 27th May, 10am to 12noon. Thank you

For the Funerary course

I sincerely hope the Egypt Centre Support will reach its minimum. They are doing an extremely important job. And I love online lectures they organise for all interested : )) Thank you to everybody!

Thank you for the excellent online lecture series which you are offering

Wanting to be more involved with the Egypt Centre was a major reason why I chose to move to Swansea. The move was one of the best decisions of my life, so I am grateful to the EC for that over and above the fact I enjoy being a volunteer there when time permits.

Thanks for online lectures about the collection

Thanks for Zoom lectures during COVID 19. Great to have access to something stimulating.

I've been following the Egypt Centre in social media for a while now, and always thought you do a very beautiful and necessary work. After joining Dr. Ken Griffin's introduction to the Center's lecture, not only I can't wait to visit the collection but also wanted to contribute to help you in this difficult times keep doing such a great work. Big hug and all the best, Patri.

So enjoyed the Talk today via Zoom by Ken. Great stuff. Carolyn USA

Really enjoyed the Zoom lecture, now I need to visit.

Thank you for the lecture

I really enjoyed Dr. Ken Griffin's introduction to the Egypt Centre. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity yet to visit the Egypt Centre but I definitely will when the opportunity is there again (hopefully in the near future). The activities you are organising for volunteers and students are wonderful and inspiring. I wish you all the best in these difficult times. Greetings from Leiden, Vincent Oeters - Chairman Friends of Saqqara Foundation

Excellent facility and great for anyone who wants to learn more about Egyptology

Fantastic centre!

Thanks for online lectures about the collection

The museum has done a lot for me over the past academic year, so it's only right that I give back. Thanks everyone 🙂

You guys are amazing, keep doing what you're doing xxx

The Egypt Centre is such a fantastic resource and support network for such a wide range of people, school children, students, volunteers. Keep up the good work!!!

This is such a fantastic project. Good luck!