Supporting Our Students During Covid-19

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This project received pledges on Fri 15 May 2020
Emergency Support

Swansea students emergency hardship 

At Swansea University, we recognise that many of our students face financial hardship at some point during their time here. However now more than ever, our students need financial help.

During the first week of the UK-wide lock down, the University made over 80 hardship awards – an extraordinary number - and the following weekend brought a further 70 enquiries and applications.

We are seeing a huge surge in demand for our hardship service which simply cannot be serviced with our current levels of resource. Since the Covid-19 outbreak we have supported care leavers, carers and estranged students who can have precarious circumstances which make them vulnerable.

We have also made grants to students who have suffered a loss of income, as so many work in the gig economy and rely on wages to meet their essential living costs. You may also have read reports of increases in domestic violence and finance based coercive control due to current events, and sadly we are already seeing examples of this amongst our student body. All of these people need our help.

Please Help us succeed!

We are reaching out to you, to make sure we look after the welfare of every student, who makes up this fantastic community. With your support, we hope to increase the financial support available to help our students through the Covid-19 crisis. Students have had a huge amount to deal with in recent weeks, including the cancellation of face to face lectures, exams and graduation ceremonies. We hope to ease the significant financial pressure they have been placed under through no fault of their own. 

Thank you to all of our Supporters

A big thank you from everyone at Swansea to all those who are able to support us by making a gift and those who are able to share our appeal on social media. Your generosity ensures that we can provide essential support to those students who may have nobody else to turn to.