European Student Orchestra Festival

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Help the Choral Society attend the European Student Orchestra Festival!

The European Student Orchestra Festival 

The European Student Orchestra Festival (ESOF) is an annual event that has been running since 2012, with the aim of bringing together student orchestras from across Europe to share music and culture.

unique invite to perform 

For the first time ever, ESOF are hosting a Choral Festival, which we have been very lucky to have been invited to participate in. The upcoming festival will be held in April in Tallinn, Estonia, which is the first time an ESOF event will be held in the Baltics. The festival provides us with a unique opportunity to be one of the first choirs to perform at the Festival, and more importantly to showcase our choral society to the world. 

What will we be doing there?

The festival itself comprises of three days of performances, on one of which we will showcase a 45-minute set. As this is a cultural event, every choir must sing at least one piece from their home country, in our case Wales. However, as this is such a good platform to promote Welsh music and the beautiful Welsh language, we will sing many more than just the one, rest assured.

How does this benefit the University?

The festival is a great opportunity for us to showcase the talent and musical opportunities on offer at Swansea University. It allows us to build relations with other universities from around Europe and promote the university in general.

For our members it will of course be a great experience singing in front of more people from many backgrounds, as well as exploring Tallinn and meeting new people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

What we need from you

Other than transport to Estonia, the main expense is the cost of the festival itself. This comes to €165 per person which covers all our bed and board for the duration. To cover the full cost for all 29 people going is a very big ask, so for now we are only asking for £450 to cover a bit of each person’s festival fees, of course if we could cover more that would be even better!