The Timothy Davies Prize – SECRET!

A project by: Richard Cobley

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Couldn't be happier with this idea and to help it along! Tim, you have always been a star - smart, supportive, creative and a source of encouragement and inspiration to so many. Can't think of a better way to reflect everything you've contributed to the department and to help those yet to go through it!

Tim has always been an inspiring lecturer and many students have benefited from his infectious enthusiasm. It is a really great idea to have prize bearing his name so that the great person will be remembered by future generations.

Dr Davies has been an inspiration for me at Swansea University ever since I attended my first open day back in 2015. His expertise on that day helped to secure Swansea as my choice university and his expertise has continued to help me throughout my time at university. The EEE department and its courses would not be the same without him!

Dr. Timothy Davies has always been a very caring Lecturer, interested in the welfare of his students and always willing to go the extra mile to help and support them whenever he could. It was a pleasure to work with Tim for many years as an Administrator for Electrical Engineering. He is a special personality, with fantastic expertise and knowledge in his field. Well done Tim, the University has been lucky to have you as a member of staff for so many years.

Tim has been a huge inspiration to me throughout my studies. From my first open day visit all the way through to my third year studying at Swansea, Tim has made me feel welcome and shared his passion and enthusiasm in his subject. I have no doubt that Tim has made a huge impact on my progression through my degree, and his input will continue to benefit me for many years to come. I am thrilled to be able to support this prize in celebration of Tim's influential time at Swansea. I'd like to thank him for all of his hard work, and wish him the very best in the future.

I was lucky to be taught by Dr Timothy Davies, such an inspiring person.

I cannot find adequate words to comment on Tim's knowledge of electronics, so with this message I will express my gratitude for the support I received when I arrived in Swansea. Tim and Sue made me feel like a family member and helped me to get settled in. Thank you for introducing me to Gilbert and Sullivan and for the great memories of Taliesin's shows!

I cannot imagine EEE without Tim Davies. You will be missed dearly.

I cannot image EEE without Tim Davies. You will be missed dearly.

A legend. Lucky are those students who cross Timothy’s path!

This is going to be a famous EEE prize in 2050.

Tim is an epitome of academic and technical prowess. He is such an inspiration to both staff and students. It’s a privilege to have been taught by him, and to work with him as a colleague. We are all so proud of you, Tim.